Australian Sustainable Paper Procurement Guide

Making informed purchasing decisions.


The Independent Australian Sustainable Paper Procurement Guide assists buyers of printing and communication papers to make informed purchasing decisions. It helps them avoid known pitfalls and issues that can result in unsustainable outcomes and have a negative impact on business reputations and brands.

Equilibrium has partnered with pulp and paper market intelligence experts IndustryEdge to produce the Guide. It covers the widest possible range of sustainability issues, supplying both minimum and known best practice criteria. It includes commentary drawn from our team's extensive consulting experience and it does not refer to or recommend any products or manufacturers.

Focus in this Guide is on printing and communication papers. A companion Guide will shortly be released for the tissue sector, which is similar, but has some important differences.

Individual copies are just AUD100 (plus GST in Australia) per copy, with multiple copies available at discount rates.

The Guide will be updated in 2013.

Please note that if you intend to distribute the Sustainable Paper Procurement Guide widely, you will need to purchase for each separate user.

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