The Evolving Landscape

2012 Quarterly Series 

Trends that shape the business landscape matter.


The Evolving Landscape: sustainability and trends in social and legal influences on Australian business is a series of quarterly papers that lay out trends and highlight how companies developing products or providing services are operating in a rapidly changing landscape. In addition to daily operational challenges, a number of factors – social and legal – are converging to increase the risks of action and pressure against businesses with respect to environmental and social issues.


Not only can companies, as well as individual directors and senior managers and employees, find themselves being judged in a court of law for breaches, but with the rapid pace of technology and social networking they are increasingly being exposed and judged in the court of public opinion, where there are no judicial controls and processes and lawyers are worthless.


Together, this series of papers will help you better understand the dynamics of the sustainability space which present challenges, but also present new business opportunities and operational efficiencies. The papers provide insight and include case studies and constructive suggestions for ways to handle the emerging sustainability issues to help you build a more resilient business.


The first paper "Q1: Introducing the Evolving Landscape" is available for FREE and can be downloaded here.


The full series of papers is available by subscription in electronic format for $199.


Other papers in 2012 will include:

  • Q2: Social Influence
  • Q3: Legal Influence
  • Q4: Your Next Steps



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