Turning sustainability into a competitive advantage.
Most organisations identify sustainability as a priority issue but do not think their most important asset - people - have the knowledge and skills to enhance sustainability performance*.

Glue is the tool to turn everybody into sustainability champions.


Glue assists businesses and their employees to understand sustainability and take action to be more sustainable, efficient and to generate profit. It incorporates creativity, communications strategy, research, training and environment & sustainability engineering knowledge to create a holistic offering around social, economic and environment factors.

Glue enables people to:

  • Understand business drivers and opportunities and articulate environmental and sustainability issues.
  • Relate these issues to your organisation, products, services and activities.
  • Respond to customer and supplier enquiries and demands.
  • Provide feedback, identify learnings and incorporate intelligence into organisational development, innovation and improvement.
  • Contribute to organisational improvement and growth.
  • Enhance reputation.
  • Match personal and company values.


We have worked on projects with Visy, Australian Paper and Sensis.


Download Glue™ Brochure / PDF (730kb)


*The Enterprise of the Future, IBM.

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Creating and executing
solutions to progress your
sustainability performance
& enhance your reputation.