About Us

Equilibrium is a sustainability strategies and management company.
We bring together expertise and experience across environmental knowledge, corporate, technical, government and communications to offer practical strategies and solutions that enhance sustainability, innovation and reputation.


Nicholas Harford
Managing Director; Principal Corporate &
Social Responsibility

BA (Communications), MA (Journalism)

Nick is a sustainability and corporate affairs professional who has worked across Government, corporate and media. With a focus on using a sustainability platform to leverage business development, customer relations and corporate reputation, Nick has a record of successfully aligning improved commercial, environmental,  social and regulatory expectations with organisational goals and outcomes. Prior to this Nick was Group General Manager Environment at Visy and previously worked as a corporate affairs manager in the recycling, manufacturing and telecommunications industries and was an adviser to the New South Wales Minister for the Environment and the Commonwealth Attorney General.

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Damien Wigley
General Manager; Principal Environmental Management & Carbon Reduction

BSc (App Chem), MBA

Damien is an experienced carbon strategies and environmental management consultant. He has worked for and held senior and executive positions with a number of large national and multinational consultancies providing strategic advice on environmental management issues with a particular focus on the impacts and opportunities of climate change. He has implemented carbon emission measurement and reduction management plans to address environmental and business risks for a large number of clients. Damien’s skills extend to identifying opportunities for energy, water and waste efficiencies taking into account behaviour related issues, barriers to implementation and operational changes, particularly within manufacturing environments.

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Creating and executing
solutions to progress your
sustainability performance
& enhance your reputation.